Soccer Coaching

We bring qualified Soccer Coaches to your school, community hall or sports activity week for fun and energetic soccer classes.

Typical soccer programmes run for 8-10 weeks and cover the basic fundamentals of soccer in a FUN and engaging way. Each group session lasts approximately 45 mins to 1 hour and is age specific.

Primary School Activity Week Soccer Skills

An Example Primary School Group or 2nd and 3rd Class setting would look like this:

  • Warm Up and Stretches
  • ABC drills and stations (Agility, Balance, Coordination)
  • Healthy Competitiveness (Races, Relays, Target Practice)
  • Cool-Down Stretch Exercises
  • Group Discussion and Round of Applause for everyone.

Our Classes are all age specific, from junior and senior infants through to 5th and 6th class, from P1 to P7 and each week is a continuation of each students development.

Our Coaches will have been trained through the FAI Coaches Programme and will be acredited to Kick Start One and Kick Start Two, and have completed Child Welfare Training as well as fully Garda Vetted.

Small Sided Games

Either inside our outside, our coaches deliver a series of fun activites within the context of improving each students agility, balance and co-ordination. As part of the FAI development framework, the sessions end with a small sided game, either 4 v 4 for junior students or possibly 9 v 9 depending on ages and abilities.

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Booking Soccer Classes

If your School or Club are interested in our Programmes it is best to book early, given that the vast majority of programmes are delivered during class term time. Please contact us prior to making arrangements.

Soccer Programme - Price

Each programme typically lasts 10 weeks (one day per week) and costs £1 or €1.25 per student per week payable in advance of programme commencement.

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