Circuit Classes

Our Classes bring Circuit Training to a new level with a wide range of cardio workouts combined with some strength and conditioning elements, for all ages and abilities.

Each session only £3/€3.50 per person
School Groups £1/€1.25 per student (16 max)

By using a variety of high-intensity aerobic exercises our circuit classes help our students improve their overall cardiovascular fitness

This, combined with strength and conditioning training will help with muscle endurance meaning overall fitness is improved, as you look and feel better. Each class lasts approx. 60 mins and can be modified for all ages and fitness levels.

perform exercise with battle ropes strength needed

Burn Fat Fast!

Since Circuit training mixes strength training with cardiovascular training it's great for fat burning. The fast and constantly changing exercises target the body for all-around conditioning.

General Fitness

Our classes are customised for you, so no two classes are ever the same. From primary school children right up to senior citizens and everybody inbetween, each of our circuit training sessions are tailored to you and your groups needs, either general fitness, preparing for a sporting event, weight loss or injury prevention, our instructors are on hand to guide and help.

Example Circuit Class

Typically our classes are run with 10 exercise stations, each working a specific area of the body either core, upper body, lower body and total body. Again this will be tailored to the class dependant on ability and age, young, old, beginner and advanced.

  • Introduction
  • Demonstration of exercises
  • Warm up exercises
  • Session Commences, 30 seconds each station
  • Circuit complete, rest, recommence
  • Cool Down and Dynamic Streches

  • Instructors will lead the class and offer guidance and encouragement along the way. Once one set of exercises are completed the whistle will go and its time to move on to the next station!

    family taking part in circuit exercise training at Active for Health Ireland

    Organising a Circuit Training Class

    Our classes are open and available to everybody and each will be tailored to fit. Our instructors visit schools, community and village halls across the country bringing all the equipment needed.

    Each session lasts approx. 1 hour and is booked in 6 Week blocks. The cost for each session is £3/€3.50 per person with a discount for schools and community groups. If you have any questions please contact us and we will do our best to help.

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